George Clooney at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards, at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, Sunday, January, 29,2012. Photo by Kevin Mazur.
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George Clooney with Jerry Weintraub, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon
Forecourt Ceremony held on Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Born: May 6, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky
Age at the time of the ceremony: 46
George Clooney is a major movie star. Popular with both men and women, Clooney went from garage horror movies to stunning success in a wide range of projects, many of which he is co-producer or director or both.

Clooney was born in comfortable circumstances in Lexington, Kentucky, where his mother was a city councilwoman; his father was a television host and brother of singer Rosemary Clooney. During elementary school days, the family moved about some, eventually settling in Augusta, Kentucky, where Clooney attended Augusta High School. He played basketball and was good enough to consider life as a professional baseball player, but didn't get far with that one.

When a movie company was filming in Augusta, 17 year-old George got a role as "Young Man Carrying a Barrel" in Centennial, aired over NBC in October, 1978. Clooney attended Northern Kentucky University and the University of Cincinnati, working odd jobs to do so. He eventually dropped out.

He was cast as a supporting player in a medical sitcom starring Elliott Gould, improbably called E/R, aired over CBS in September, 1984, and as George Burnett in 17 episodes of The Facts of Life, aired over NBC in September, 1985. But the big screen kept calling with roles such as Oliver in Return to Horror High (released in February, 1987) with Lori Lethin, and Matt in Return of the Killer Tomatoes (released in April, 1988) with Anthony Stake.

While attending the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school, Clooney got to be second lead in the cop show Bodies of Evience, aired in syndication for 16 episodes in June, 1992, and did 19 episodes of Sisters with Swoosie Kurtz, aired over NBC in September, 1994.

Clooney's Big Break came when he was cast as Dr. Doug Ross for 109 episodes of ER, aired over NBC from September, 1994 to February, 1999. Clooney would continue to do episodes now and again; he made his final appearance on the show in March, 2009.

Meanwhile, Clooney heard the call of the Big Screen once more. For director Robert Rodriguez, Clooney co-starred with Harvey Keitel in From Dusk Till Dawn (released in January, 1996). In a more romantic mood, he co-starred with top-billed Michelle Pfeiffer in the rom-com One Fine Day (released in December, 1996).

The call of the Big Screen led Clooney to don the Batsuit in Batman & Robin (which played the Chinese in June, 1997); Clooney described the film as "a waste of money." You mean making it or paying to see it? Clooney righted the ship by starring for director Steven Soderbergh in Out of Sight (released in June, 1998). These two would have many adventures together; Clooney, Soderbergh and writing partner Grant Heslov would open a production company together in 2001.

For director Terrence Malik, Clooney did a cameo at the end of The Thin Red Line (released in January, 1999) with Sean Penn, then played the lead chain-gang convict in his first film with the Cohen Brothers, O Brother, Where Art Thou? (released in February, 2001) with John Turturro. He landed in blockbuster territory with The Perfect Storm (which played the Chinese in June, 2000) with Mark Wahlberg.

Speaking of Mark Wahlberg, Clooney was an executive producer for Rock Star (which played the Chinese in September, 2001) with Mark Wahlberg. Ocean's Eleven (released in December, 2001) with Brad Pitt, became a world-wide smash hit caper film, folllowed by two more.

Clooney is a busy guy. He was an executive producer on Insomnia (released in May, 2002) with Al Pacino, starred in the sci-fi film Solaris (released in November, 2002) with Natascha McElhone, then first-time directed and played television producer Chuck Barris as a bungling CIA agent in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (released in January, 2003) with Drew Barrymore.

He was executive producer of Far from Heaven (released in January, 2003) with Julianna Moore, he executive produced 10 episodes of K Street, aired over HBO in September, 2003, with Mary McCormack, appeared in another Cohen Brothers film Intolerable Cruelty (released in October, 2003) with Catherine Zeta-Jones, released the next Ocean's movie, Ocean's Twelve (which played the Chinese in December, 2004) with Brad Pitt, and executive produced on 10 episodes (directing five) of Unscripted, aired over HBO in January, 2005.

Clooney wowed everyone with his starring and directing Good Night, and Good Luck (released in November, 2005) with David Straithern giving an outstanding performance as Edward R. Murrow. He was an executive producer on Rumor Has It. . . (which played the Chinese in December, 2005) with Kevin Costner, Jennifer Aniston and Shirley MacLaine.

He starred and was executive producer on Syriana (released in December, 2005) with Matt Damon, winning an Oscar for supporting actor. Clooney and the gang of producer Weintraub, and co-stars Pitt and Damon were asked down to the Chinese to make their imprints for the Forecourt just before the US Premiere of Ocean's Thirteen on Tuesday, June 5, 2007. (The film played the Chinese for three weeks in June, 2007).

Clooney then made what might be considered his best role as the title character and was executive producer on Michael Clayton (released in October, 2007) with Tilda Swinton. After this heavy drama, Clooney went all bonkers by starring and directing the comedy Leatherheads (which played the Chinese in April, 2008) with Renée Zellweger.

Burn After Reading (released in September, 2008) with Frances McDormand, was another Cohen Bros. flick; in the meantime, Clooney was an executive producer on The Informant! (released in September, 2009) with Matt Damon. He starred and produced The Men Who Stare at Goats (released in November, 2009), then starred in and produced The American (released in September, 2010).

He was executive producer for 19 episodes of Memphis Beat, aired over TNT in June, 2011, with Jason Lee, then played a governor running for president as well as producing and directing The Ides of March (released in October, 2011) with Ryan Gosling. He starred in The Descendants (released in December, 2011) with Shailene Woodley.

The following year found him winning an Oscar for Best Picture by being a producer on Argo (released in October, 2012) with Ben Affleck. He played just about the only supporting actor for Sandra Bullock in Gravity (which played the Chinese in October, 2013). He was a producer on August: Osage County (which was shown at the Chinese during AFI Fest in November, 2013), with Meryl Streep, and starred, produced and directed The Monuments Men (released in February, 2014) with Matt Damon.

In retrospect, Tomorrowland (released in May, 2015) with Britt Robertson, was a misfire, but as a producer on Our Brand Is Crisis (released in October, 2015) with Sandra Bullock, Clooney fared better. For the Cohens, he starred in Hail, Caesar! (released in February, 2016) with Josh Brolin. He was a producer on the crime thriller Criminal (released in April, 2016) with Kevin Costner and Ryan Reynolds.

Clooney starred and was producer for director Jodie Foster in another film about television, Money Monster (released in May, 2016) with Julia Roberts. He was producer and director of Suburbicon (released in October, 2017) with Matt Damon. Clooney has executive produced 10 episodes of On Becoming a God in Central Florida with Kirsten Dunst, aired over YouTube Red in 2019.
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Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California. Jerry Weintraub, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon Forecourt ceremony, Tuesday, June 5, 2007. George Clooney takes a break from signing his name in the wet cement.
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