Kevin Costner at the premiere of Criminal, on Monday, April 11, 2016, in New York City. Photo by Stephen Lovekin.
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Kevin Costner
Forecourt Ceremony held on Wednesday, September 6, 2006
Born: January 18, 1955, in Lynwood, California
Age at the time of the ceremony: 51
Kevin Costner is an enduring star. Born in a Los Angeles suburb, he got interested in the history of the west, and has appeared in a number of westerns, including the Oscar-laden Dances with Wolves. 11 of his films have passed the magic $100 Million line.

Although born in Lynwood, Costner grew up in nearby Compton, California. Not particularly studious, young Kevin enjoyed sports, played piano and sang in the chior at the local Baptist church. Seeing How the West Was Won in 1962 when he was seven changed his life. He began to develop and interest in western history.

During high school years, the Costners moved about a great deal. He attended Cal State Fullerton, graduating with a BA in marketing and finance in 1978. Marrying Cindy Silva (who worked at Disneyland playing Cinderella); while returning from his honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Costner encountered Richard Burton, who encourgaed the lad to get into acting.

Working odd jobs and taking acting lessons at night, by 1978 he was playing the lead in the sex comedy Malibu Hot Summer AKA Sizzle Beach USA (not released until 1981) with Terry Congie. He played a Frat Boy for director Ron Howard in Night Shift (which played the Chinese in July, 1982). He had a pivotal role as Alex in The Big Chill (released in September, 1983), but his scenes were famously cut.

But Costner was on his way. After a small role in Testament (released in November, 1983) with Jane Alexander, he got fifth billing working for Big Chill director Lawrence Kasdan in Silverado (which played the Chinese in July, 1985) with Kevin Kline; he got top billing (but wasn't featured in the poster art) for the bicycle racing picture American Flyers (released in August, 1985) with David Grant.

Producer Art Linson allowed Costner to play Elliott Ness in The Untouchables (released in June, 1987) with Robert De Niro playing Al Capone. The film was a very substantial hit, and suddenly made Costner a movie star.

His first "Kevin Costner Movie" was No Way Out (released in August, 1987) with Gene Hackman, then the first of his several baseball pictures, Bull Durham (released in June, 1988) with Susan Sarandon, became a hit. This was followed by the baseball classic Field of Dreams (released in May, 1989).

Since these were all sizable hits, Costner rounded up a novel he was mentoring from his friend Michael Blake, got it published, set up a deal at Orion to produce and direct the film version. The three hour-long historical film was called Dances with Wolves (released in November, 1990) with Mary McDonnell, and it swept the Oscars, with Costner winning for Best Picture and Best Director. It remains his top-grossing film.

Too bad Costner had agreed to star in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (which played the Chinese in June, 1991), which brought in the $$$, but also bagged Costner a Razzie Award for Worst Actor. Before Dances with Wolves had been released, Costner signed up to play Orleans Parrish district attorney Jim Garrison in Oliver Stone's juggernaut, JFK (released in December, 1991).

A year later, Costner starred and was producer on The Bodyguard (released in November, 1992) with Whitney Houston, which became an immese hit. Costner was such a big star that he he got billed over Clint Eastwood in A Perfect World (released in November, 1993).

Warner Bros. allowed Costner to star in and was a producer on Wyatt Earp (released in June, 1994) with Dennis Quaid, and was producer on the Easter Island story Rapa Nui (released in September, 1994.

Moving over to Universal, Costner starred and was a producer on the massive Waterworld (released in July, 1995) with Jeanne Trippelhorn. The picture became a notorious debacle, but has since earned back it huge cost. That year also saw the broadcast on Discovery Channel of 500 Nations, a miniseries about the genocide of Native Americans Costner narrated and was executive producer for.

Costner starred in the golfing picture Tin Cup (released in August, 1996) with Rene Russo, then returned to post-apocalypse territory, being a producer and director as well as starring in The Postman (released in December, 1997). Not exactly a "Merry Christmas" type of thing, the film bombed.

Moving into Nicholas Sparks territory, he produced and starred in the romance Message in a Bottle (released in February, 1999) with Robin Wright, then did another baseball picture, For Love of the Game (released in September, 1999) with Kelly Preston. Returning to the Kennedy era, Costner he played presidential assistant Kenny O'Donnell and was a producer on the Cuban Missle Crisis film Thirteen Days (released in January, 2001) with Bruce Greenwood playing president Kennedy.

Costner co-starred with Kurt Russell as a pair of Elvis impersonators trying to heist a Las Vegas casino in 3000 Miles to Graceland (released in February, 2001); it flopped. He was a producer and the director and starred in the western Open Range (released in August, 2003) with Robert Duvall, then appeared in the contemporary comedy Rumor Has It. . . (which played the Chinese in December, 2005) with Jennifer Aniston.

He was imprinted at the Chinese just pior to the release of The Guardian (released in September, 2006) with Ashton Kutcher. He then starred as a big bad bad guy as a schizophrenic businessman / serial killer in his production Mr. Brooks (released in June, 2007). Trying hard to appear comical, he starred and also produced Swing Vote (released in August, 2008) with Paula Patton.

Returning to the frontier, Costner was a producer and played "Devil" Anse Hatfield in Hatfields & McCoys, a mini-series aired over the History Channel in May, 2012. He played Clark Kent's dad in Man of Steel (released in June, 2013) with Henry Cavill in the title role, and scored very well as a CIA guy in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (which played the Chinese in January, 2014) with Chris Pine.

Costner was a was a producer and starred in Black or White (released in January, 2015) with Octavia Spencer, then appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (which played the Chinese in March, 2016) with Henry Cavill. He played a NASA Research director in Hidden Figures (released in January, 2017) with Taraji P. Henson. Finally doing a television show, Costner played John Dutton in the first season of Yellowstone, aired over the Paramount Network beginning in June, 2018. The show has been picked up for another season.
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Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California. Kevin Costner Forecourt ceremony, Wednesday, September 6, 2006. Kevin Costner stands back to admire his handiwork.
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